Neck pain

A widespread MSD in the workplace

In the workplace, between 27% and 48% of the population suffer from neck pain in a year. In the general population, between 12% and 71% of the population report suffering from neck pain. DR. Audrey Petit

  • 2nd cause of absenteeism from work (after low back pain)
  • 2 types of neck pain:
    • Chronic neck pain: persistent pain that impairs the individual’s functional, social and economic capacities
    • Traumatic cervical pain (shock, accident…): cervical sprain linked to the rapid acceleration-deceleration of neck movements

Factors in the development of neck pain

  • Individuals: age, gender, genetics, smoking
  • Psychosocial: high psychological demand, stress, low control over work
  • Organisational: working environment (light, temperature, noise level and air quality)
  • Biomechanics: neck extension, working with arms above shoulder level, repetitive work, prolonged postural holding, precision work, static posture

The consequences of neck pain

Tips to limit their occurrence