HMT designs, manufactures and integrates passive exoskeletons made in France.

HMT designs, manufactures and integrates passive exoskeletons made in France.

Musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders are a group of many physical issues that affects tendons, muscles, joints in the neck, upper and lower back, shoulders, upper and lower limbs. These pathologies can cause pain which becomes more and more embarassing. Without treatment, they can have serious consequences and even lead to incapacity to work .

HMT designs 3 exoskeletons


A mechanical or textile device, wear by worker, aiming to provide him assistive force for arduous work situations.

Exoskeleton doesn't replace muscles; it assists for arduous work situations. You still realize movement with your muscles, exoskeleton only reduces effect for identified muscles.

The purpose of the exoskeleton is not to carry more weight, you have to work as usual, without increasing workload, while being assisted.

Obviously not ! For this reason, our ergonomics firm supports you: in order to advise you on solutions, technological or not, adapted to YOUR activity.

Since 2018, HMT has created its own ergonomics firm in order to be able to support and guide companies throughout the projects. The diagnosis is an essential step to analyze and understand the activity in order to be able to direct you towards solutions adapted to your organization.

You can follow us on social networks: LinkedIn and Instagram. Our "Métiers" section brings together examples of the use of our devices.

Where are the exoskeletons made?

The ergonomics firm carries out diagnoses that may reveal new needs for physical assistance. When the R&D team thinks these needs can be solved, HMT can start designing a new product.

After Sales Services

HMT manufactures each part of its exoskeletons in its workshop in Tarbes and can easily intervene for any repair.

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