Specially designed for neck's movements

Moon is our new exoskeleton. It relievies awkward postures due to working with arms at height. Adapting to body types as well as working activities, it supports head weight and relieves cervical.

The neck-relieves exoskeleton

Weight: 0.88lb

Technology: 100 % mechanical device

Adjustable to the body type


All situations with the gaze upwards and the neck extended."

Only 0.88lb !

Moon can be put on like a backpack, the settings are very simple and the device is ready for use in just a few seconds.

Yes, in 5 seconds maximum !

To precisely meet your request, we would need a photo of your equipment to ensure, in part, before real-life testing. Contact us by e-mail : contact@hmt-france.com.

As usual ! The concept is not to change your work habits while being assisted.

Where are the exoskeletons made?

It's possible to combine Moon and Plum' , the arms at height work's exoskeleton. To make sure analysis of the activity is the best way, contact us !

The textile parts are detachable and washable, the visible mechanical structure can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Instructions can be found in the user manual.

Contact us. Our ergonomists will study your project with you in order to be able to offer you appropriate support.

After Sales Services

HMT manufactures each part of its exoskeletons in its workshop in Tarbes and can easily intervene for any repair.

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